3 Weeks And Counting

In 3 short weeks we get to find out what we are having. People keep asking, I answer “a baby”. If they push, I mess with them and say “ever see V?” But in all seriousness, I am excited to find out if we are having a little boy or if I am going to get way out numbered with another girl. Either way, I won’t mind.

Today however, we did have a Dr. appointment and we got to here the heartbeat. Jackie has heard it already but this was the first visit I was able to get to. It is always so cool to hear it! It gives that little bit of reality dose since it seems so surreal that we are having another kid already.

It has been a real long week already, and it is only Tuesday. I ned to head off to bed so that I can get up early and go try to get some sponsors for my blog. I need to pay for 2 kids now so I have to see if I can commercialize a little. Yeah, it’s cheap and selling out but, these days, I think i am ok with that.



One Response to “3 Weeks And Counting”

  1. Good luck with selling out! If you have any tips on how to do that, I would be interested!

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