Do We Really Need #Overuse?

I will admit that I don’t use#twitter all that much. I do know however that the #prudent use of #hashtags can help you find #trendingtopics. It is getting a little #rediculous though that everyone is using them everywhere. As far as I know they are #onlyforuseontwitter. Yet I am seeing them #everywhere … #facebook, #emails and there are even some weirdos who use them in their #blogposts.

Maybe I am just missing something. It must be because I still don’t really understand all this social stuff. I looked up #howtousehashtags and found this article. Maybe I should have actually read it before I #bloggedabouthashtags.

Either way, I still think that they are #overused.


By the way, did you order me a Hawaiian shirt for my bday yet? If you tell them I sent you … they will probably say “who”? But it would be amusing to me.



7 Responses to “Do We Really Need #Overuse?”

  1. um, you’re using hashtags incorrectly

  2. #hashtagsaretotallyoverusedandannoying.

  3. My birthday is next week too. So, I’m thinking, to cut out all of the pretending we like each other’s gifts, I’ll buy myself a present from you, and you can buy your own Hawaiian shirt. Deal?

  4. Perfect. And now you won’t have to regift what I would have bought you.

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