An Outlet For My Angst

I just saw a commercial for a new show called H8R. Apparently this is a show where normal people, like me, can go on t.v. and tell why they hate celebrities. The celebrities then come to visit the people to try to convince them that they are not douche bags. That is how I understand the basic premise, I really haven’t looked that closely at it … yet.

Normally, I would not even give a show like that a second look. I could care less about the celebrities and how they are crying that someone doesn’t like them. This show is a little different though. The premise might be fun. There are also quite a few celebs I wouldn’t mind digging into on national television. (I am STILL waiting for Megan Fox to convince me she isn’t a mega bitch) I just have to come up with a good list and make myself a little more white trash I am suspecting, before I can get on that show. It’s almost too easy.

Of course, I will never actually WATCH the show, but it sounds maybe fun to be ON the show.


One Response to “An Outlet For My Angst”

  1. I haven’t even heard of that show! I never know of new shows. This one does sound sort of interesting, though!

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