Have We Lost A Bit Of Innocence

I was doing a little channel surfing on my XM radio today on the way home. Tori was asleep in the back and so I had the volume a little lower and was scanning for something a little “softer”. I hit the 70s on 7 station and stopped there. I can’t for the life of me now remember what song was on, but whatever it was, it got me thinking about something.

As the song was playing I was thinking, hmmm, I wouldn’t have to change the station if this song was playing and Tori was old enough to be influenced. I remember the song was from 1976 because I remember thinking that I was 7 year old when the song came out. I then started thinking about music from when I was that age. I know that I listened to whatever my mom was listening to, or whatever was on in the grocery store, in other people’s cars, etc. So forth and so on.

I then started thinking that music must have degraded in the 30 some odd years since I was listening to whatever station was on (or maybe it is the parents making bigger deals out of nothing), because back then, we didn’t have, neigh, didn’t NEED to have Radio Disney, or Kid’s Bop or any kid’s version of any song that changes the lyrics to be “friendly” and change the meaning of the song. We just had music.

I realized I really don’t have much more to say about that. I also realize that I have been pretty grumpy and bitchy the last few days. Must be the full moon or that whole sympathetic pregnancy thing and I am just all hormone imbalanced. Wow, I don’t even want to know what I am going to have to do to get my man card back after all this.


2 Responses to “Have We Lost A Bit Of Innocence”

  1. Uh, dude – songs were pretty raunchy back then, too – we just didn’t know any better. Some masked it well (“Sledgehammer” – total sex song); some said it but had pretty melodies and music (“Tonight’s the Night” -totally about deflowering a girl); etc, etc. The only song I’ve ever censored from Gilda is “Rape Me” (Nirvana), because it’s obvious and she’d ask me about rape and yadda, yadda. And actually, now she’s getting to that age where we’re gonna have to talk about it, so…
    Point is: songs have always been bad – kids just don’t place importance on the lyrics until they’re older.

    • I guess my issue isn’t that songs weren’t bad … I mean Afternoon Delight? My thing is, we are becoming a society that is so prudish and needing to control everything that everyone does that it is redonkulous. We wouldn’t need “kid’s versions” of songs if ALL parents would take the responsibility themselves to make sure their children are being exposed to what they should or shouldn’t be like you did.

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