Why Bother

I know I am not serious all that often here so if you don’t feel like reading tonight, that is ok.

I try to do my job well. I do what I need to do to HELP the client. When the client doesn’t realize this, and does not know that they are calling us to do the work for them because we know what we are doing, and they don’t want anything new or innovative, and then bitches me out because I did my job and lies about communication deficit on THEIR part…

ugh, it just makes me not want to go to work the next day. It makes me want to be able to quit if for no other reason to tell them off and let them know how I really feel. Makes me want to NEVER accept work from them again. oh well. That is the nature of the business I guess. The best I can hope for is to not get nailed for this post complaining.

It’s also depressing since I was just talking today on how I don’t let the non-knowledge of certain people annoy me any more.

That is my vent for tonight.


2 Responses to “Why Bother”

  1. Ugh.
    So annoying to have a jackass client.
    Tomorrow will be better!
    I declare it so.

  2. Sorry, man. Try to forget it. Go to work tomorrow, and the next time you have to deal with that client, picture them in your mind as Statler and Waldorf, heckling the Muppets.

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