I Am (Sym)Pathetic

When Jackie was pregnant with Tori, I felt bad that she was having so many pregnancy issues: tired, sore, having to pee all the time, morning sickness, smell sensitivity, etc. I think I should have felt worse for her. It seems that this time around I am suffering some major sympathy symptoms.

I am assuming they are sympathy symptoms because they only came on recently, and some of the worse ones, seem to happen the same time that Jackie’s. Specifically, like the intense feeling I want to throw up. Yeah, I know, not pleasant to think about but it is true. I have no fever or anything like that which would make me think I am sick.

I am also having cravings now. That isn’t right. I am not gaining weight per se, but I think that I am retaining water and bloating. I can’t eat as much as I used to and feel full after a few bites. Which doesn’t help the whole wanting to hurl problem. I think my right toe swelled last week for a little while as well.

Jackie of course thinks it is amusing and is loving every minute of it. I don’t find it funny at all. It kind of sucks. I never said that I could do it. I never said that I wasn’t a wuss, I am. I have always admired all women for putting up with all of this. I just didn’t think that I would ever have to suffer. Like I said, I am a wuss, I AM pathetic.

I love you wife. Please take off whatever hex you placed on me that is making me suffer along with you. I will buy you something.



3 Responses to “I Am (Sym)Pathetic”

  1. Hahahahahaha

    Oh, I mean, that sucks… hope you feel better soon…

  2. Are you surexthat it is your wife who put the hex on you? Ha Ha!

  3. It’s those husband voodoo dolls we buy. They get you every time.

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