Oooooo That Smell

Today was a cornucopia of interesting olfactory stimulants. The first today proved to me that the first thing to go as you get older, is your sense of smell. This is the only reason that I can come up with for women over 80 to wear a gallon of the most foul smelling perfume on the planet. I smelled this from a lady at the gas station this morning. She was 2 pumps over. She probably shouldn’t have been driving either actually. Yes, I am making fun of old people driving too. When I get that old, somebody better be chauffeuring my ass around. I drive like an old lady now, I don’t want to know what I will be driving like when I am 80.  But I digress. This is not the first elderly female I have come across that bathed in old lady perfume. It seems to be something they do for some reason. The only thing I can come up with … they can’t smell it so they have to make it real strong. Formaldehyde would be better.

The second smell was actually rather pleasant in a twisted sort of way. There is a huge forest fire in Minnesota. The smoke got up into the jet stream and blew down here. It smelled like a bonfire all afternoon and evening. It also made the air all hazy and smokey like. It was amazing that the smoke AND the smell could come all that way.

The last and final odoriferous escapade of the evening I will sum up with one word … Tori.

All in all it was an interesting workout for my proboscis. Hmm. Thought this was going to have more legs than this.

Until next time, remember … “Smell ya later! HAW HAW!”


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