Wile E Coyote, Super Genius, I Am Not

Tori is almost walking. What this means is she is walking along while holding couches, tables, chairs … whatever. What THIS means, is that she pulls herself up on anything to walk along it, including the t.v. entertainment center. It really isn’t an entertainment center as much as a 2 and a half foot tall corner t.v. table with shelves for all our electronics. Tori has been able to grab these and turn the volume down, start the PS3, and knock over the clock for a while now. They make little pieces of plexiglass that go in front of each of the components for $12-$20 each. I would have to buy 5 of them. I came up with a better idea.

I decided I wold get one big piece of plexiglass, put some hinges and a magnetic clasp on it and attach it to the stand. This way, Tori would crawl over, try to grab one of the things, realize she can’t and leave it all alone. Did you know that plexiglass is reflective. Did you know that babies LOVE to talk to other babies. Yeah. Tori now has a new friend.

I guess it isn’t so bad. At least she isn’t grabbing the electronics now. Now she just pulls herself up and stands in front of everything blocking the signals for the remotes. She also now reaches for the t.v. instead. Oh well. Lesson learned. I guess it is back to A.C.M.E. or putting her back in the dog kennel that Piper doesn’t use anymore.

Until next time, remember … “Brilliance. That’s all I can say. Sheer, unadulterated brilliance! “


One Response to “Wile E Coyote, Super Genius, I Am Not”

  1. Damn! I just commented on the other post!
    Good thinking, coyote.
    That girl’s gonna be like Road Runner very, very soon!

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