Serenity Now

I am not sure if I am on day 758 of insomnia and am tired as hell, or if the world is just THAT stupid lately. It seems that I have been more annoyed at everything lately. Today, I called a driver a jackass just because he ran a stop sign and almost ran me and Piper over in the parking lot of Petsmart. I mean, what was I thinking?

I think that it IS lack of sleep because Piper has decide that summer is over and the weather is nice enough for her to sleep with us all night. When a 130 pound dog stretches in the middle of the night and pushes you off the bed, you don’t have much recourse. I have tried to tell her “no” and sleep on her bed. She does … until we are asleep. For such a large dog she is quite nimble at climbing onto the bed without waking me up.

I am blaming it on the dog because I don’t want to blame it on Tori and say it is her fault. Well, some of it is but she is so damned cute even when she is being annoying that I can’t hold it against her. Besides, I am her father, she is going to be annoying.

I guess I could also, and should also, mainly blame it on one other thing. I am not really an anarchist. I am not trying to just do things to be anti-establishment. I DO have to agree though that my philosophy on certain things and the way they are done differs from some other people that I follow every day. I do not have a problem with establishing ways to do things, that is a necessary thing. How about people clue people in and actually get suggestion on how to do things instead of arbitrarily deciding to do things that affect things that the ones making the decisions don’t know how they work to begin with. How about not just reading something in a book or seeing it on t.v. and thinking, “Hey, this is how we should do things, even if it doesn’t apply to us.” The decision makers need to learn how to communicate and actually listen instead of just thinking they know what is best.

You hear that … politicians?!

On a lighter point of interest, it was nice having so many people congratulate Jackie and I when we announced that we are expecting our second child in March. The child is coming in March, we didn’t announce it in March.

Yeah, I think I am over tired. I just yelled at myself for not being able to think about something else to write. Maybe I should buy a food truck. That looks like a fun show.




2 Responses to “Serenity Now”

  1. Awww – hope you get some sleep!
    I was craaaazy tired today adn last night. I really need sleep. I start getting all bitchy and whatnot.
    But even when I’m well rested and nothing’s wrong, people ARE fucking jackasses.

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