Another National Day

As my blog is about nothing in particular, I would be remiss as a babbler if I didn’t at least acknowledge the fact that today is National Toilet Paper Day. Why do we have a Toilet Paper Day? I have no clue. I couldn’t even find a Wikipedia entry for it. Not that I tried all that hard. Had I known there was a Toilet Paper Day a while ago, I would have saved this blog for today. Since I didn’t, I will have to steal a few facts that were reported by a local news station today.

According to the online Toilet Paper Encyclopedia:

  • 69 percent of people name toilet paper as the 20th Century “convenience” most taken for granted.
  • 49 percent choose toilet paper as their “necessity” if stranded on a deserted island — that’s ahead of food!
  • 72 percent of people hang the roll with sheets going *over* not under.
  • Wiping your nose is the second most common use for toilet paper. The first is obvious.
  • In public restrooms, it takes an average of 71 people to use one entire roll.

I bet you didn’t even know any of that huh? I also bet that you really didn’t care. Apparently, from the few things I could find about today, Charmin is doing some sort of world record. I really didn’t want to know what. There is a Facebook page (isn’t there one for everything though?). You can get coupons at various places for toilet paper. Yeah, such an exciting day.

In other news, Steve Jobs is still retired from Apple, there is a hurricane that will shut down New York, I still haven’t won the lottery, Kim Kardashian is still married and hasn’t released a sex tape from the honeymoon yet and Jim Carrey was joking. Yeah, not all of those should be in the news.

That’s kinda all I got for you today. Been a long week. Actually, now that I think about it, I have one more thing …

Those of you that know me well, or have read any of my posts where I whore myself out, know that I am a pretty big Muppets fan. They have a new movie coming out soon. I am a little leery about it as Jason Segal wrote it and Frank Oz and Jerry Nelso aren’t even puppeteers on this one. Frank Oz NOT doing voices? My admiration of Frank Oz is well known as well. Personally, I think I would be a great voice replacement but then again, I won’t say that I could fully fill Mr. Oz’s shoes.

There is also a new album coming out of Muppet songs covered by various artists. It is Muppets: The Green Album. I have only seen one thing off of it so far and that is the video by Ok Go with the Muppets in it. They do the theme song. It is kind of amusing. I will have to get used to change in the Muppet universe. I am a Muppet purist. It took me a while to get used to Pepe and I NEVER liked and still don’t like Clifford from Muppets Tonight. Anyway, take a look at the video and let me know what you think. Like I said, it is Ok. Get it … Ok … Go. Yeah.


2 Responses to “Another National Day”

  1. My husband just went to Sam’s Club and bought some humongous pack of toilet paper, so maybe he knew!
    Okay, well – he didn’t, but still. We’re prepared for Toilet Paper Day!

  2. Some of the voices seemed off to me.

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