She’s So Cute!

Once again my attempts at national news coverage for getting sued by a major corporation/celebrity have failed. Megan Fox apparently knows she is a total bitch for her tattoo fiasco and isn’t bothering with my piddly blog.

Since fame is avoiding me once again tonight, I thought I would appease those of you that have been clamoring for more pictures of Tori. For those of you that haven’t been clamoring for them, too bad, you have to suffer through them anyway. With a baby this cute though, how could you ever call it suffering! I haven’t been able to get any of her first tooth yet because she just won’t let us! She also has been doing a lot of cute things that I want to video and post, however, every time she sees the camera … she looks at it it and poses instead of continuing to do whatever cute thing it is she is doing. Here she is!

Hi everyone! I can stand now!


How did I get down here?


YAY! I found my book!


Aw man! Look at this mess i need to clean up!












I'll just play with this pillow instead.


As I said, when we try to take a picture of her tooth, she doesn’t cooperate. This is her reaction …

Why do you keep torturing me?!


3 Responses to “She’s So Cute!”

  1. High chair eating pictures are the easiest way to get that first tooth picture!
    That girl is ADORABLE.
    Or – ATORIBLE.
    I know – that was awful…

    • Not awful at all. When she screeches we call he Toridactyl and we have a number of other equally as cute” names for her. We tried the eating pic too. She won’t have any of it lol

  2. Maybe you should see if you can upset Megan Fox by saying how nice she is…

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