A Few Things …

Today was the first day of school for a lot of kids all over. I have seen countless posts from parents saying they did good and did not cry. I know I will be the same way if not worse when our kids head off to school for the first time. I now once again have to make sure that I leave for work on time in the morning. If I leave even 5-10 min late, my commute to work expands exponentially as I wait for buses in front of me to load up. I don’t mind that much, I took a bus to school after all. What I don’t understand and what tweaks my melon, is when they pick up a group of kids, then drive 100 ft and stop for another group. Come on lazy teens … walk a few extra feet. I am super lazy and that even bothers me!

While I m on the topic of buses, have you noticed that there are a very large number of bus drivers that seem to be well past the age that they should be driving a small car much less a bus? Is it because they tend to drive super slow anyway so it is thought they are safer? Don’t give me the “well they are older and nicer” spiel. Most old people (and I know I will be one of them) are cranky and don’t want to be bothered with children. Although, I guess if they can drive those honkin’ Cadillacs they all drive then they can drive a bus.

One more school related issue, when did school start in the middle of the week? It is bad enough that kids these days have to go to school 2 weeks earlier than I did, but, at least let them start on a Monday. Why screw them up from the start? If we are going to lengthen the school day and school year, then don’t give them a weekend 3 days after they start. STOOPID!

Speaking of stoopid, we here at Voiceninmbrain would like to condemn the asinine comments and reasoning that Megan Fox has for removing her Marylin Monroe tattoo.  She is “hiding” the tattoo she has because she found out that Marylin “might” have been bi-polar. She said “It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.” Excuse me Miss Fox, but from what I have read about your on set antics, you should be checked for a personality disorder or two of your own. Beside that, how narrow minded, ignorant and just a bitch do you have to be to say that someone with a medical condition is a negative energy?! That is like saying that we should all stop watching reruns of Family Ties because Micheal J. Fox has Parkinson’s, or that Pat Summitt continuing to coach with dementia will turn her players into criminals and reprobates. It is crap like this that continues to put a stigma on mental health issues and prevents people from going and seeking the help that they need and should have.

Dear Megan Fox, I have never really thought you were “hot” to begin with, but now I see you as a totally ugly person and you can GFY.

Ok, I think I am better now. That just really molded my cheese when I read about that.

On a lighter note, Will & Jada are not breaking up, David Letterman is laughing at the death threats and the iPhone 4gs5pqr7 will apparently be sold by every carrier across the globe, thereby removing it from a “status” symbol.

That’s all for today.

Until next time, remember … “Your teacher was arrested for giving vodka to students.”


7 Responses to “A Few Things …”

  1. I never held Megan Fox in much regard, let alone high regard. I’m not surprised she said something that idiotic. I pray she won’t last much longer in Hollywood.

    • I was actually surprised I haven’t seen more stories about various organizations being outraged by her comments. I think her career is dead now.

  2. Megan Fox is an idiot. Fuck her.

  3. Way to go brother. In my opinion your best blog yet!

  4. Sam Reynolds Says:

    What an ignorant stupid statement discriminating against people with medical conditions, Megan fox is a thick pointless waste of space, Marilyn Monroe continues to be one of the only true icons left in this world, her beauty wit and intelligence Fox could only wish in her dreams shed ever touch. Shallow minded people make digs at people’s medical conditions, it’s irrelevant that Monroe suffered with depression she was a person who left her mark here in this world and many famous actors, musicians and writers and politicians suffer with bipolar gifted people usually do. What needs to be erased is Megan Foxs lack of empathy not the tattoo and maybe when she grows a brain she can pass comment!!!

  5. Moore baby Says:

    She’s a joke, passing judgment on someone’s mental health!!!! I myself suffer with bipolar I’m a play write, the term ‘negative energy’ does that relate to your idol logic miss Fox how dare you judge you in my estimation are the lowest form of pond life!! Stupid idiotic blow up doll with zero intellect.

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