The Party Rolls On

Hi all,

4.5 hours into the party. I am on my 4th margarita. Granted, the glass I am drinking out of is a 40 oz mug … maybe bigger. I have already seen a skeleton riding a cock … INTO BATTLE!

My hat has balls

I said some other good things but I can’t remember. I was told they would be said later.

The food was good.

I am too tired to type about sally’s rubber sea shells and there is no way in hell I am typing a strait line.

The alphabet has too many keys to type.

I will go drink some more and come back a little later…if I can find my computer. It is still early after all and I still have 2.5 gallons of margarita somewhere. typing “a half” seems like too much right now.

FYI, this has taken me about 20 min to type because of typos. Next post … typos be damned.


2 Responses to “The Party Rolls On”

  1. Oh, boy. Bob, I hate to tell you, but this can’t end well. But have fun now!

  2. This post makes me really miss my drinking days.

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