Take It All Bitch

Stardate … what? it is late and the party is actaully winding down. The titel is the als thinkg I heard before I started to type. I had to plug the computer in forst. I drank 5 or 6 maybe more 32 – 40 ounce magaritas, some skeleton on a rooster shots … IN BATTLE! and some rum chibata. I ate food so I am not sick. Thre was wii dancing. I didn’t. tiki bar tiki bar tiki bar.

I also found out that sticking something to clean the toilet under the rim is a …never mind. IT IS STO AND GO SEATING. not stow away.

Yes, I am pretty much typing everything that I am hearing around me right now. drunk people talk about clean ing toilets.

I thik one of our frined is getting sick right now. My wife is great. She cleaned after the party and put food away because she wasn’t dringing. She cant; this year for the sencond time.

my hat had balls. right now I can be blind folded with dental floss and I am not trying to correct spelling or typing bevuase it is hard to see the ketys. I was trying to waiting until after midnight, because then this could be tomoroes blog but i didn’t. I am goign to post again toorrow.

Thre will be no sobriety tsts. it is very tiring to type becasue I have to move my fingers all over the keyboaerd. Otherwise it would look like this. thsdiuh id wesh it eoufld look lilkdr if i didt move may figrs.

ok. tomorrow i will come back and type with th ebrightness turned way down.

bye for now.


p.s. I hope people find this bwcase I dont know how well i wil tag this.


6 Responses to “Take It All Bitch”

  1. Good luck with that hangover tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  2. Hahahahahahaha
    I love drunk typing. I ususally laugh my ass off – it’s like I have huge paws for hands.
    Now, wait – WHY can’t your wife drink?

    • I still haven’t read back what I wrote last night. Not sure I am ready for that. And Jackie can’t drink because um … she can’t. πŸ˜›

  3. Another baby?!!!

  4. Wooohooooo! I am so going to plaster this on FB!
    (I kid! But really – woohoo! until you correct me, I am assuming I am right. Like usual. πŸ™‚

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