Today I Got High

Approximately 10 ft. high to be precise. Probably closer to 15 once you take into account how high above the top of the ladder I was. We have a chandelier in our entrance that goes all the way to the 2nd floor ceiling. All the bulbs were burnt out, 15,and the glass needed to be cleaned. So, I borrowed a ladder and started climbing. Why is this such a big deal? I am SEVERELY Acrophobic. That is afraid of heights if you didn’t know. I am so bad that on out honeymoon, in our room on the 20th floor, I white knuckled it every time we went out on the balcony.

When I am that high up, one of 2 things happens. (actually I don’t have to even be that high up) I either get the severe irrational feeling that I am going to fall, something I am holding is going to fall, or I get bad vertigo.

It is so bad that after I climbed just the ladder today, my legs shook for about an hour. I am not sure how I got this bad. I used to go up a center extension on an 18 ft A frame ladder when I was working in the theater when I went to school. I think I am getting more and more neurotic the older I get. I am becoming Monk. Is it too late to get my own show?

Anyhoo, just thought I would share that. Feel free to laugh at my fear. I try to, but then I start to giggle and shake and the ladder wobbles and … I just got nauseous thinking about it. Trust me, it’s not as funny as Mel Brooks made it out to be.


Until next time, remember … “Those who are tardy do not get fruit cup.”


2 Responses to “Today I Got High”

  1. Can’t laugh – my husband is, too. Besides – it sucks being scared of things! Becoming a parent has made me more neurotic in general!

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