I Am Starting A Fad

Today on Facebook I saw a post about a new “fad”. They said it was the “new planking”. I looked up what planking was. Once I found out what that was, I looked at the pictures of the “new planking” called Horsemaning. Apparently you take a picture of yourself looking like you have been beheaded. Ok, so this is kind of amusing. It is still work. It takes time to stage it, take the picture, post it … yada yada.

I am starting a new fad, trend, whatever you want to call it of my own. It requires no preparation, no extra people, no taking pictures (you could I guess if you wanted but it would be kinda creepy).

The name of my new fad … sleeping. Good night all.


2 Responses to “I Am Starting A Fad”

  1. Great idea! I might actually buy into this fad!

  2. It will never catch on. Especially not among bloggers.

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