The Litigation Olympics


I had a totally different topic today but on my way home I heard a story on the radio about the Redneck Olympics. Redneck Olympics. Redneck Olympics. I say it that many times because the Redneck Olympics are being sued by the United States Olympic Committee for using the word Olympics. Apparently the USOC owns the word that is thousands of years old and they are as bitchy about people using it as the NFL is about people using Super Bowl.

I have always been curious as to how much it takes before one of these conceited organizations would come after me for using one of there copyrighted items. Would Disney come after me if I said “Mickey Mouse is a transvestite” and put an image of Mickey in a dress? Will the NFL come after me if I open a restaurant and serve soup and call it the “Super Bowl”?

I wonder how long it would take the USOC to come after me when I start my first annual Blogger Olympics. What ARE the blogger Olympics? I have no clue. I want to start something just to piss off the all powerful self indulgent folks over at the USOC. I like to start trouble. They have made the Olympics into a joke as far as I am concerned. It isn’t for athletes anymore it is for making money and for politics.

So, until next time, remember…Olympics, Olympics, Olympics, Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl, Mickey Mouse’s Super Bowl of Olympics.



4 Responses to “The Litigation Olympics”

  1. Seriously? They “own” the word Olympics? Geeeez. Ridiculous.

    • Right? How can they own a word that has been around for so long? I hope I get a letter from them. I would feel special.

  2. I think the blogger Olympics should be hosted in Tahiti and I will be there with my ipad to enter all of the great blogging events.

    • Never even occurred to me to hold them off shore. I bet I could get a lot of people to show up then. Blogger Olympics: Tahiti. Sounds almost too “Survivor” like.

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