A Second Blog For Sybil

The drive home tonight warranted a second posting just for you Sybil.

I was driving home after picking up Tori. I had on the radio and a song came on that Tori just started going ballistic for. She was laughing, bouncing (as best as she could in her car seat) and “singing” along. I played the song again when we got home for her and she was bouncing and smiling and singing again. It was not a fluke. Sybil, when Tori is older, I think I might have to keep her away from you … the song she was hyper over … Learn To Fly. 10 months old and she is already hyper over Dave Grohl.


2 Responses to “A Second Blog For Sybil”

  1. No. This does not count as a makeup for the two you missed.

  2. Yessssssssssssss!
    Damn, that’s one smart kid!!

    Plus, when she’s older, you’ll need to keep her away from HIM. You know those rock stars like the young ladies!
    Haha 😛

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