How Does She Stay Awake?!

Tori is a trooper. She had a HUGE schedule this week.

Friday she went to the Morton Arboretum. Saturday she went to the zoo. Sunday she went to brunch with a group of old friends and then went shopping all day with mommy and daddy. Friday and Saturday she did NOT take a nap. I don’t know HOW she did it. She was exhausted come Sunday afternoon. She slept through 2 stores. We were glad for that.

The zoo was fun and she really liked it. As predicted, every animal was “doag” and “uoof”. But she also was constantly saying “ooohhhhhh”. and she had a blast! So all is good. Now, she is passed out and will sleep for the next 2 days probably. That would be nice. She held out far better than I did this weekend.


















As you can see, she had a lot of fun. Before we left, since it was so hot, we got some snow cones. We shared them with Tori. She loved them. They dripped all over her though and down onto her toes. This is how she took care of the problem.

mmmmmm leftover snow cone!

I still love her.


3 Responses to “How Does She Stay Awake?!”

  1. Yay, pictures!
    And so, you’re saying there’s something wrong with putting your toe in your mouth?!

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