This Will Be Fun?

Today we are going to the zoo. We are taking Tori. A friend of mine is in town from Florida and this is our plan to meet up and spend the day with them. If this sounds negative it is in NO way supposed to be that way. This will be Tori’s first trip to the zoo and we are really looking forward to it. Right now she knows that Piper (our American Bulldog at the top of this page) says “uoof”. I put a “u” because she only kind of makes the “w” sound. I have a feeling she is going to look at every animal at the zoo and say “uoof”. It is going to be so stinkin’ cute. Or she will be totally terrified.

Depending on how the day goes, and how exhausted I am after the day, I may, or may not as we know how lazy I am,  post pictures of Tori at the zoo.

That is the other reason I am posting this morning, in case I am too tired later. Like I said … lazy.

So, until next time, remember … “It’s the New Zoo Revue, coming right at you… Where three delightful animals have fun with what they do.”


One Response to “This Will Be Fun?”

  1. With Henrietta Hippo and Charlie the cow!
    I loved that show!
    Post pictures!

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