This Just In

An anonymous government just published a report from scientists that tested something for an extended period of time. The results showed information that was sent to other agencies of places that have been under the purview of small governments for years.  The report showed that spray painted crop circles on UFOs at the bottom of the ocean were actually on the moon. Saturn fell 14 degrees out of orbit with Tom Cruise in the same time period.

Hey, why don’t I get to talk?

You are talking … in fact you are doing all the talking.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity.

The economy is not going to be fixed by Rachel Ray in 30 minutes because the presidents birthday cost a lot of money. Gas is expensive, oil is dropping and Gary Busey doesn’t like Meatloaf.

Skittles commercials don’t make sense and Old Navy commercials just suck but Adult Swim is really weird.

Not the best quality but I had to include it anyway




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