Answering My Fans

Most of the top blogs that are written these days get hundreds of comments every day. Fortunately, I am NOT one of those blogs. We do however get a steady stream of comments here at VIMB. One of the  comments I get the most is:

“great service of content. Continue fine work as I will use content I was looking for to populate web.”

I feel tha tit is time for me to reply to that person.

Dear whoever the hell you are filling up my spam filter with your broken English. Unless you are the king of Nigeria and are going to give me 10 million dollars,  then please learn how to speak properly. Your weak grammar is obviously not fooling my spam filter. While you are at it, I do not want a grandfather clock or want to know how to get free movie downloads for $1. THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!!!

To those of you that leave real comments, I like you lots and will try to reply more often.


Tori today did something that I did not think she was going to start doing for a while … she actually burped on command. I didn’t tell her to, she just did it. We have a game because she thinks burping is hilarious. I fake burp and she laughs, she makes a weird sound like daddy … and she laughs. Today we were playing that game, she paused, looked at me, concentrated and burped a real burp!

I have to say … I was so proud a tear came to my eye. She is only 10 months and already a prodigy.


2 Responses to “Answering My Fans”

  1. Spam makes me burp, too. Congratulations on the prodigy!

  2. You men and your ideas of funny! I mean, yeah – it’s funny NOW, but not when she does it at school. Okay, it would be funny, then – but not to her teacher. 🙂

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