It’s Only TV … Right?

Right now I am sitting watching Burn Notice. Love this show. For the un-initiated, Michael Westen is a “burned” spy who in now un-burned and sort of working for the CIA again but not really and helps people. He lives in Miami. I always knew that Miami was a hot bed of crime and villainy, but there are enough bad guys in Miami, that it has kept the show on the air for 6 seasons.

Another fun part is that he tells you exactly how to do all kinds of cool spy stuff. I think that I could be a spy based on what he tells. How to blow things up, how to sneak up on people, the best way to bug someone, etc, etc.

Ok, maybe I can’t be a spy based on what he says on the show, but it has Bruce Campbell in the cast. He plays Sam Axe. He kicks ass. Sharon Gless, from Cagney and Lacey fame also rocks. Gabrielle Anwar, hot and is a bad ass!

It’s a cool show. I am going to go now and watch it. Plus, my wife just brought me a root beer float. YAY WIFE!

Until next time, remember … “you say tomato, I say pimp.”



2 Responses to “It’s Only TV … Right?”

  1. I looove Burn Notice! Thanks for the reminder – I’ll catch the replay!

  2. Need to catch up on Burn Notice. I saw the season opener, but the rest of them are sitting on my Tivo. Good show – sort of like a cross between Alias and McGuiver.

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