To All The Drivers That Tick Me Off …

Moron, idiot, jerk, stupid, jerk ass, jerk wad, ass hat, jack hole, jerk wagon, moron, douche bag, ass munch, dumb ass, numb nuts, knob jockey, dick head, dill weed, dick weed.

Thank you


The views expressed here are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of the management of VoicesInMyBrain … oh wait, yes they do. Oh yeah, if you were offended by this … then you are probably one of the afore mentioned drivers.


2 Responses to “To All The Drivers That Tick Me Off …”

  1. Haha! I actually kept calling people dickweeds tonight on the ride home from dropping the kid off at my parents’ house!
    Actually, it was just one guy, who kept randomly braking and shit – driving me CRAAZY. Until we got to a stoplight, and I saw the passenger feeding him something from a spoon. I mean, clearly, that can’t wait. Especially since he pulled into a driveway – seriously – less than 2 minutes away. For the sake of my anger/ story, I’m assuming that was his house. What a dumb mofo.

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