Thundercats … Oh.

Earlier today, Cartoon Network ran the first three episodes of the original Thundercats. During these, they had little snippets of some tool at the Comic-Con doing little interviews with a couple of people from the new one, and the original voice of Lion-O, Larry Kenney. (He is also going to be a voice in the new cartoon, but more on that in a minute) It was great for me to watch something from my youth that still has not lost it’s appeal. The voice of Panthro, Earle Hyman, also just died recently by the way. Anyhoo, a great cartoon that I would love to have on DVD to show my child someday. So, it was disturbing to me, as it always is in these cases, to find out that they were re-making the Thundercats. I was mortified. I HATE re-makes, re-imaginations, re-whatever you want to call them for the most part. The only bright spot I could find is that it was actual new animation and not just re-doing the voice over with different dialog like they did to Battle of the Planets years ago.

I say that I hate the remakes and the reinventions and the “concepts from old concepts.” I think though, that after a recent revelation, I may give Thundercats a chance. The reason for this … Warehouse 13.

When I originally saw the trailers for this show and read the concept, it sounded like the tv show Friday the 13th. I even blogged about it too at the time. However, I have watched the show, and I have to admit … I like it. Jackie likes it as well. It is a fun show. Not the greatest plots or dialog or anything but it is fun. We like it with our Eureka and the other goofy shows we watch. Soooooo, I may have to at least give Thundercats a chance. I swore I was not going to watch Warehouse and after watching it one night because it was just there, now we are sad we didn’t watch it from the beginning. I think we have eventually seen all of them though.

I know it won’t be as good as the original for me because, even with the old one being cheesy and the animation wasn’t as slick as I am sure this one will be, the characters are the ones I know and love. I will give it a chance though. I wish I had sight beyond sight to know if it would be good or not.

I know everyone and their brother are blogging, tweeting, facebooking and texting about Amy Winehouse. I was going to stay out of the fray until I came on tonight to write this entry. Right before I put up a new post, I check my stats. It is just out of curiosity. I usually have between 12 and 50 hits a day. Today I had 119. That is the most I have had in one day. The most read post of mine … Celebrity Death Watch 2011: The Dead Pool …. from January of this year. It was the prediction blog. I guess everyone was looking up death pool blogs. Unfortunately, I did not have her this year. I DID have her last year, so that is the closest I have been I think. I was just a year off. So, that is why I am mentioning it again here. While I personally was not a fan of her’s, I understand that she was talented and had great potential, making it sad that she is gone. On the other hand, in the world of celebrity deaths, I am a little cold and morbid and have no problem using a dead celeb to boost my readership. Rest in peace Amy, may your demons not follow you to wherever it is you went.

Until next time, remember … “Ancient spirits of evil – transform this decayed form to WINE-RA, THE EVER-LIVING!”

Wow, I am going to get some hate mail on that one.


One Response to “Thundercats … Oh.”

  1. Nope – no hate mail from me, anyway!
    Thundercats! This should be interesting!!

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