I Hate Advertising

While I technically work in the advertising industry, I really feel insulted with most of the commercials that are on TV or on the radio. There are a few in particular lately that really tweak my melon.

One is a local ad for Central DuPage Hospital. They have one of the worst commercials I have heard. A lady goes into an oil change place and takes up a rather detailed conversation with the kid who is changing her oil. She is telling this kid how they have won many awards and what not and the kid is saying stupid things like “I got a wrench engraved with my name”. The kid is acting like he really doesn’t care and this lady keeps prattling on about something that he really does not care about. It is totally not a realistic conversation or situation. Insulting!

The other commercials that drive me nuts are the infomercial type ads that are selling a product to make something easier. The people in these commercials are the MOST inept people in the world. They try to flip an egg and they look like they are having a seizure. Actually, the look like they are having a seizure when they try to do ANYTHING! Come on, just be honest with me. I buy stupid crap all the time. I won’t though if I think you are insulting my intelligence.

Ok, that is all I wanted to rant about. It is too hot out to think much more than that. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


One Response to “I Hate Advertising”

  1. Yeah – when I see the idiot infomercials, especially, you gotta think, “WHO is that bungling and idiotic?” – it is insulting!
    Well, except for the billion idiots.

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