Bob’s Camping Odyssey – Day 2

Camping date … 47834.35

I have survived one night and a full day of camping. As you can see, I haven’t REALLY been “roughing” it since I can still blog. I had a plan, that was suggested by Kapgar, that Jackie would blog here so she could complain about how much I complained. Either she really doesn’t want to blog, or I haven’t been as insufferable as I had expected to be. Last night wasn’t so bad. The massive heat stayed away last night so sleeping was ok. IT was nice enough that we were able to keep the main windows on the tent closed for privacy. Today however, is another matter. I am not sure how hot it actually got today but it feels pretty damned hot. The humidity is kinda killer also.

However, soon I am on my way to let the dog out, and apparently make a beer run because everyone else is too drunk. So, once I get back … I will be partaking in some of that drinking as well. I didn’t drink all day because I didn’t want to get totally toasted before having to drive. But once I am back, all bets are off tonight. I think I am just going to try have an enjoyable night.

I will let you all know tomorrow how I fared. Maybe I will get Jackie to throw in her two cents as well.


One Response to “Bob’s Camping Odyssey – Day 2”

  1. Woohooo!!! So far, it sounds like a pretty good time!

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