Bob’s Camping Odyssey – Night 1

Well, I am here. I am camping. Jackie and her girl friends did a hell of a job setting up the tent. Yeah, you heard me. I got out of the way. I did pound in the stakes. I also hauled everything from the van to the tent. Here is a picture of our tent. Notice the celebs hangin’ out with us.



I told you, I was going to have to camp is style.

I now have a beer, I am going to sit by a fire, have another beer, and maybe another. Then I am going to try to sleep in this humidity and heat. Then, I am going to get up at the butt crack of dawn and go feed the dog. No, that isn’t code.

Based on tonight, maybe Jackie will provide a commentary on how much I complain.

Until next time, remember … “when you go to bed tonight, and you hear a noise, whatever you do, don’t look out the window because there might be a bear!”


3 Responses to “Bob’s Camping Odyssey – Night 1”

  1. Sorry, don’t recognize your “friends.”

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