My Last Night Of Comfort

Tonight is the last night I get to spend in the air conditioning for a few days. The last night I get to sleep in my bed. The last day before I go … camping. I am dreading this to a certain extent. I know that I am going to have fun … I hope. The saving grace for me is that we are close to home. I get to feed the dog and let her out. (I think I may have said that the other day so forgive me for repeating)

We have everything ready to go. After work, we will drop off Tori and then load the van and we are gone. Will I be blogging FROM the campsite? Maybe. We shall see. I might just so that I can annoy everyone with my camping woes. Some of you may actually be amused by my suffering. I will think on this.

Until then …


2 Responses to “My Last Night Of Comfort”

  1. Oh this will be good. Can I just say that better than you blogging your gripes from the campsite would be to have your wife blog her gripes *about* your gripes from the campsite? Now *that’s* entertainment!

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