Call Now For Your Free Sample!

I realize there are people in this world with medical needs. I understand that there need to be companies that can sell medical items at a discounted price. Diabetic supplies, fine. If they want to get a grumpy old man to sell diabetic supplies (even though he was supposedly cured in Cocoon), then I am ok with that. They can sell whatever they want … I don’t want to watch them sell catheters.

I am not going to explain what a catheter is. If you don’t know, and want to, you can look it up here. Guys, you know why I am saying this. Enough said.

I get grossed out by the commercials just for them talking about re-using them. I don’t even want to hear about it if they are giving free samples. This is just a disturbing commercial.

Yeah, that is pretty much about it. I saw the commercial, thought it was disturbing, and wanted to offend those that need catheters. Ok then. Hope you all ate dinner already.


One Response to “Call Now For Your Free Sample!”

  1. Even worse are commercials for Viagra – and my then 7 year old asking me what Viagra was…

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