Bad, Worse, Better, Great!

I knew the day was off to a bad start when I forgot to put my clothes in the dryer. Fortunately, we have a good dryer and they were dry by the time I got out of the shower and had to get ready.

I knew the day was getting worse when, after dropping Tori off at my mom’s, I went to the 7-11 for my morning beverage. Since I was a little late, I got stuck behind 3 old people who play the lottery like it’s their job. I didn’t know that the lotto could be a pick 9 box quinella mega multiplier on the rocks. Then, once they finish that, they have to pick 40 $1 scratch off tickets. Damn old people. I am going to be just like them so I can get even with someone when I am old. I refuse to drive like that though and will NOT wear the clothes they do.

I FINALLY got to work, and right away started working on a project that basically made my day zip by, so that wasn’t so bad.

Got home, didn’t notice the wife’s car in the garage at first … duh. Turns out she was off work early today. I didn’t know that. She cleaned up around the house … kitchen…dining room …. did laundry. Basically did all the things I was going to do tonight when I got home. I LOVE my wife!!!!

Then, the GREAT part happened. We were playing with Tori … and she crawled for the first time … FORWARD! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here is the video of her crawling 🙂

<iframe width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Now I have to finish baby proofing the house, and warn grandma, who babysits all day!



2 Responses to “Bad, Worse, Better, Great!”

  1. Love that video!! Woohooo! I never did much babyproofing. I used the word NO a lot, though.

    • Fortunately, she is already starting to understand “no”. There aren’t many things we have to “baby proof”, it is more so getting more diligent of getting things out of her reach that I don’t want her to break lol

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