… The Bombs Bursting In Air …

RIGHT IN MY BACKYARD!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I like the 4th of July as much as the next person I like fireworks, if I wasn’t THE person that would get busted for setting them off, I would be. I would be putting on a show that would set off car alarms. However, there is a limit to what I think should be being set off. Yeah yeah, it is the 4th weekend, but guess what … I want to F****** SLEEP at some point this weekend! Set them off earlier. Blow your limbs off during the day when it will actually look cool when it happens.

I also don’t appreciate the way my roof and yard looks the entire weekend. If you are going to try to burn my house down, at least come and clean up the crap you are leaving in my yard. I don’t appreciate having to pick up the spent firework wrappers at 5 a.m. before I can let my dog out in the morning.

I get it, I shouldn’t complain. I AM of the school though that wonders how blowing things up celebrates our freedom. That isn’t my line. I blatantly stole it. Can’t blame me. Yeah, I think I am getting old. HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!

One last reason I want to throw out there as an excuse. Tori is teething in a BIG way right now. It is a holiday weekend so she is not napping with all the family visits and what not. I want her to sleep.


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