Um … Um … Hmmmm …

I am just at a total loss of words tonight. Not toward anything that has happened, or anything going on. I am just, just … blank. I can think of absolutely nothing. Not to write about, not to Facebook about, not to anything. My mind is a blank. I am looking up each word as I type it and using a random word generator to write what I am putting here.

Honestly, the post a day is getting to me. Yeah, you have to read me bitching a little. I have missed one day since I started. I have had my share fair of lame ones. I am 6 months in though and I am determined to annoy everyone for another 6 months of pointless ramblings. Look at the bright side … a slew of celebs dies this month so it will be a good list come Friday!


One Response to “Um … Um … Hmmmm …”

  1. Woohoo! Dead people!

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