Time For Another Good Idea … Bad Idea

Recently, actually it might have been a few weeks ago, I found myself watching clips from Animaniacs. One of my favs, “Good Idea, Bad Idea” with Mr. Skull Head Boney Hands. Actually, I love the entire show, but these always made me laugh.

In an homage to the segment, here are a few of my own … Good Idea … Bad Idea. (remember, add your own images…that’s what makes it good)

Good Idea – Playing airplane with your baby.

Bad Idea – Playing airplane with your baby right after she eats.

Good Idea – Eating soup.

Bad Idea – Eating soup while watching The Soup

Good Idea – Bouncing your baby on your knee.

Bad Idea – Bouncing an elephant on your knee.

So, I think those are funny, but then again I am a little odd. So, for those of you that long for the real thing, or who don’t know what I am talking about to begin with, I give you …


Until next time, remember … “We protest you calling us “little kids”. We prefer to be called “vertically-impaired pre-adults”.

4 Responses to “Time For Another Good Idea … Bad Idea”

  1. I recently got to intoruce the offspring to Anamaniacs. We took season one on a long car trip and it was a hit.

    Good Idea – Watching Anamaniacs while riding in a mini-van.

    Bad Idea – Watching anamaniacs while riding ON a mini-van.

    (You are right – pictures really would help make that funnier.)

  2. Ahh I love the Animaniacs and the “Good Idea Bad Idea” segments always really tickled me. Reading your selection made me giggle ^__________^

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