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My Turn At Weiner

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I waited all week.


Everyone has said something about it.


I grilled some brats earlier in the week. I had some chicken and some burgers. I failed to talk about the Weiner. Ball Park, Oscar Meyer, David Berg or Hebrew National. None of them write the headlines better than Rep. Anthony Weiner’s weiner.

“Weiner pulls out” was my fav of the last few days. I really just had to write about it because I would feel remiss as a blogger if I didn’t write something about it.

In reality, I find the whole thing ridiculous and why should we care. There is a lot of other actual important stuff that we should be paying attention to instead of who is texting their shlongs across the country. The economy, the hungry, the other usual things that we, as a country, think are less important that wondering if Lindsey Lohan had a drink today.

Yeah, I have no clue what I am babbling about tonight. Rebecca Black also pulled her “Friday” video from the web because she says they are violating her copyright or some BS. I don’t know why I know this, but I do. Personally, it sickens me that I know this, so I am going to stop typing now.

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