Syfy Movie In My Driveway

So, we came home from Tori’s swim lesson tonight, it was getting to be around dusk. It has been the wettest spring in like the history of the universe this year, and as we pulled into the driveway, I could actually see the swarms of mosquitoes landing on my car. They were thumping against the sides and roof like large hail chunks. I could see their nasty little sucker needles chipping into my windshield. We huddled in fear. We didn’t want to even open the garage. Being trapped in the car was bad enough, we certainly didn’t want to let them into the house via the garage. These insects were HUGE! At least 4 ft long. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH we BARELY GOT INTO THE HOUSE ALIVE!!!!!!!!



Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but it was close. I think I may pay the village personally to come out and spray every night for a few weeks.

Until next time, remember … “I could have stayed in my little cubby hole under that boat, till the cops showed up. But noooooooo… you guys had to come along and find me. And NOW I’m on a mission to save the world from giant mosquitos! Man, the late show doesn’t get any better than this.”


One Response to “Syfy Movie In My Driveway”

  1. I really, really hate mosquitoes but they loooove me. I’d have been scared, too!

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