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What Am I Eating?

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , , on June 15, 2011 by Bob

Watching the Chopped from the other night, one of the competitors was a guy that ran a vegetable commune, or some such thing, and he was talking about how he is all about sustainable and organic things. It made me think about what “organic” really is.

I know that it is something about only natural pesticides and no growth hormones, yada, yada, yada … but, when you think about it, everything on the planet is either “all natural” or “organic”. How can I say this? Well, isn’t everything made from something? When you start to break it all down, even synthetic things have to be made from something natural because everything needs to be made from something. Right?

Since nothing can be created from nothing, or is it something can not be created from nothing, it stands to reason that even the most artificial things, ipso facto, must be made from all natural ingredients. So when something says “all natural ingredients” you can say “DUH!” Even Nuclear bombs are all natural when you think about it. Along with beer, coke (both kinds), pop tarts, fake boobs, incandescent lighting and Slurpees.


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