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Summer Has Finally Started … For Me

Posted in Food, Nonsense with tags , , , , on June 12, 2011 by Bob

Although it was in the 90s last week, and this week is in the 50s, summer has officially arrived for me. I had a rather productive weekend. I mowed both the back and front yards so they are now on the same schedule, I cleaned up after the dog, I moved a bunch f tools from the garage to the basement so our cars fit (actually that was finishing doing that as I started weeks ago).  I killed weeds, pulled weeds, watched Weeds, no I didn’t smoke weeds.

What I did do was finally break out the grill. More precisely, I finally uncovered the grill. Yeah, I am a little late to that party this year but with work and baby and yada yada, I have basically just been too lazy. Plus, didn’t have anything good to throw on it to cook. Tonight though, we had some beef and veggie kabobs and rice pilaf. That was some good stuff. I didn’t make them though, got them from Peapod. I was quite impressed. It was up to me however to cook them to perfection. The wife says I did good.

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