Another Cherry Broken

Tonight, I broke my recital cherry. My 5 year old niece had her first dance recital tonight. As much as I expected it to be quite similar to anything I have ever seen on any television sitcom, cartoon, commercial, or in any movie … it wasn’t all that bad. I had fully anticipated wanting Tori to start crying or fussing so that I “would have to excuse myself” from the recital and go into the lobby. As I said however, it wasn’t that bad.

Granted, these were not “So You Think You Can Dance” candidates, although, there WERE some that could probably out dance a few of the people that audition for that show. They were young girls, from a park district program who want to dance for fun. It was fun for them. It was fun for us. I think that a few of the people sitting behind us though were more entertained by Tori than they were by the recital when their child was not performing. Tori was, of course, at her hammiest because there were people around to perform in front of.

My niece Jessica, was of course the best dancer in her group. She was watching the teacher for her cues, knew all of her dance steps, and the other girls that were dancing with her, were watching her to know what to do next. She is a smart girl. Sometimes too smart for MY own good. I am going to be in trouble when she starts teaching Tori things.

I was a little surprised, in this day and age, that there were no boys in this dancing group. I didn’t ask, I didn’t really care all that much, but it was just curious to me.

Did I mention that the recital was Disney based so all the dances were to Disney movie songs. Yeah, now I have some really annoying songs going through my head. They weren’t annoying at first, but after the 9 or 10th time of the same chorus … yeah.

So, until next time remember … “Meeska, Mooska, Mouseketeer! Mouse Cartoon time now is here!”



One Response to “Another Cherry Broken”

  1. Ooooh – the dreaded recitals…

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