Little Baby Goes “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” (All Night Long)

It’s a few days until we hit the 8 month mark. Up until now I have been pretty reserved and have not made every other post about Tori. I have mentioned before that we thought she was teething, well, now she really is. She is also starting to have a little bit of separation anxiety. A LOT of separation anxiety. We just put her to bed ans she has been screaming for the last 45 min. Jackie was just up there trying to console her … notice I said trying. I was just told “your turn”. Wait … HA! I love it. She just stopped cryi … spoke too soon, I think. She is stopping, starting, stopping, starting. Not sure if I should go up to her or keep waiting it out. I suppose I should go up and take care of my baby bug. Looks like “she wants to keep us up all night.”


One Response to “Little Baby Goes “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” (All Night Long)”

  1. Awww – it’s fine to talk about Tori (but I know the feeling of not wanting to be baby talk all the time)!
    Hope everyone got some sleep last night!

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