Another VIMB ‘How To’ Moment

While it is true I am on vacation this weekend, I did not want to leave you all out in the cold. So, here is a vacation related “How To” moment.

Voicesimmybrain presents, How to pack for a vacation

1. Spend 4 days washing all of the laundry you think you might want to take

2. Buy travel sized bottles of everything

3. Make a list of everything you are going to take so you don’t forget anything

4. Leave the list at work when you leave on the last day before your vacation. Curse profusely.

5. Lay out all your folded clothes, cameras, baby supplies, toiletries and everything else on the list that you called someone at the office and had them scan and email to you

6. Realize that it will take 3 suitcases and 4 carry on bags to fit everything you want to take

7. Secondarily realize that to check all your bags will cost more than the plane ticket itself.

8. Say screw it and leave all your bags at home and just stop at the closest Walmart after your plane lands.

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