What’s Our Vector Victor?

Yup, I am getting on plane soon. We are going to Pennsylvania this weekend. From what I understand, it is an hour drive or so outside of Pittsburgh. Other than that, where we are going has very little cell reception. What does this mean? It means I will be attempting to blog whenever I can and post whenever I have the littlest of reception. This will be my first major test of posting every day when I am on vacation.

Tori is coming too and this will be her first plane trip. She is having some good strength teething pains again. Yay. Just i time for pressure on the plane and all, and she is still too young to knock out with children’s Benadryl. I will keep you posted so you can laugh at my tribulations.

Until next time, “Put Ham on five and hold the Mayo.”


2 Responses to “What’s Our Vector Victor?”

  1. Exactly how do you plan to write a blog post after your fellow passengers throw you from the plane? That’ll be a cool trick.

    • I figure if that guy in the tv commercials can take pictures while parachuting, I an blog on my cell phone while parachuting. Provided of course that they give me a parachute.

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