I Lived, And Now It Storms

I thought I would write this now during the big storms that are rolling through. As everyone is talking about, the rapture didn’t happen. Right this very minute, storms are rolling through our area and everyone is facebooking asking if the rapture is a day late.

Jackie is particularly nervous as she has as an irrational fear of storms as I have of heights. It seems that she thinks that “thunder=tornado”. I like thunder storms. I think the lightning is cool. Unless of course the power goes out. That kind of sucks. I will also be rather torqued if a big lightning strike blows out my TV. Other than that, Tori seems to do ok during the storms. Piper, not so much. She is already upstairs hiding in a corner. If a tornado DOES ever come through, she will be hard to get into the basement I think.

It is getting darker out. It is starting to thunder. I have not eaten dinner yet. My luck, I am going to want to eat RIGHT as the power goes out. grrrrr

Anyhoo, happy no rapture everyone. I guess I shouldn’t have sold my lawnmower to the guy on the corner huh?


One Response to “I Lived, And Now It Storms”

  1. I loves me some big storms.
    Stay safe!

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