Breaking Flash Mob News

VIMB News, Chicago: Reports came in from across the country today as flash mobs hit the express ways and toll ways of the nations largest cities today. The participants all seemed to show up in their own cars and filled the roadways for approximately 3-4 hours during the early evening hours. The group was well coordinated to the point that they observed time zone changes across the U.S.

Reports say the flash “traffic” mob started at approximately 5 p.m. in each respective times zone just as people were getting off of work, causing delays for people trying to get home. Cries of “Miller Time” were heard shortly before each mob struck, leading authorities to believe the organizers were at least 45 or older.

“I just sat on the expressway for hours” one commuter said. “It was like there wasn’t enough road for everyone at once.”

Shortly after the “rush hour” as officials are now calling it, the FBI found computer communications on social networks that found evidence that the same group is planning on doing this every weekday for the rest of the decade. There were also hints, in the same evidence, that show the group is planning on staging flash traffic mobs in the morning hours as well.

“Until such time as the person or persons responsible for organizing this is found, we are advising commuters to keep a full gas tank and maybe consider taking public transportation.” an official close to the case said speaking on condition of anonymity.


One Response to “Breaking Flash Mob News”

  1. It was a flash mob?? I knew something had to be going on. Those gleeful pranksters!

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