Where Will They All Perform?

I was looking at some of the new tv shows for the fall this weekend. It looks like a rather poor showing so far. None of the descriptions that I have seen so far have grabbed me as “must see tv”. I can’t remember what networks I was looking at either so there are probably a lot more shows coming out.

I do know that there are FAR too many ‘reality’ tv shows, especially the contest kind. Pretty soon all television will be a contest show of some sort. People will compete for who is the best undiscovered whatever in the Milky Way. The only problem is, once all of television is competition shows, where will the winners perform?

If it is all music competitions, then everyone will be performing in concerts, and then people will be going to the concerts and not watching the tv competition shows. If they are acting competition shows, then there will be no place for them to act except the Hollywood remakes and sequels. What?

Of course this is once again, me complaining and hating the unoriginality in Hollywood these days.


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