Good Day Car Shopping?

Today I had what can only be explained as an other worldly experience. The reason i say that, is because Jackie and I went car shopping and actually had a pleasant experience at the dealer.

We are looking to replace both of our cars, so we decided to go somewhere where we could look at multiple brands and models. We decided that, since I really wanted to look at the Grand Caravan and she wanted to look at the Journey and Explorer, we would go out the the Wickstrom Auto Group in Barrington. Totally a good call. I won’t get into too many details because my allergies are really kicking me today and I am a little drugged up tonight but here are the basics that made it such a pleasurable day.

• we weren’t attacked as we got out of our car.

• our salesman first asked us a) what were were looking for, b) our needs, c) what we wanted to accomplish today

• when we told him we probably weren’t going to buy today, he didn’t brush us off and only half ass take care of us.

• He suggested money saving things instead of trying to add on all the “convenience packages”

• He didn’t try to constantly high pressure sell us.

There were a lot of other things that he did right today. I was actually talkative. I don’t do that at car dealers. I really wish I could say more good things about Jared (I think that was his name and spelling) but I am more than not feeling well. Maybe Jackie will comment and add, or edit the post later and add too it.

The other thing that sold us on Wickstrom today, was what happened right before we left. We were wrapping up and the dreaded “sales manager” visit was looming. He walked over, introduced himself and I was getting ready for the sales pitch, clenching my jaw and bracing for the words “what can I do to make you drive that car out today”. I was fully expecting an actual nice car shopping experience go out the window. It never happened. He said thanks for coming in, here is my card as well, hope to see you back soon. That was it. No matter how many cars I buy from them, I am definitely now a fan of Wickstrom in Barrington.

I will mention I have received no free car or large ass discounts for saying this. I just really had that good of an experience.


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  1. […] back to where we got both of our cars. We went to Wickstrom in Barrington. They are awesome. As I have stated before when we got our present cars, they are the best dealership I have ever dealt with. No pressure, […]

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