My Invite Must Be Lost In The Mail

By the way that the press, tv networks and everyone else is talking about it, the “royal wedding” is some big huge deal. I know it was a big deal when Charles and Diana got married. I didn’t understand it then either. Their lives have no effect on me. Their lives have very little effect on anyone other than being a drain on the public. They have no power correct? They are symbolic only right? So why do I care about their wedding? Why do we need to devote hours of television and radio to this wedding? If nothing else it gives me something to complain about. The following are also things that annoy me:

– The flashing strobe light on the top of school buses. What if I had epilepsy and starting having a seizure while driving behind one.

– People that wear wool hats in the middle of summer. Michael Nesmith did this 45 years ago. If you are too young to know who he is, then you really should not be wearing the hat.

– People who say “ya know, that’s gonna kill ya!” to whatever you are doing that they don’t agree with. Next time someone says that, reply to them “ya know, saying that to people is gonna kill ya … or I will.”

– Old people driving. I think that pretty much annoys everyone.

– Five … Five Dollar … Five Dollar Foot Longs.

  I got my “thank you” email from AFLAC today. They told me that they picked 10 finalists out of all the people that auditioned. They did not say that I was one of them. Oh well, I will just try ti be a voice for something else. Maybe movie phone!


2 Responses to “My Invite Must Be Lost In The Mail”

  1. I can’t BELIEVE you weren’t one of the finalists!
    AFLAC sucks, anyway. Seriously. SUCKS.

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