It’s Always In The Last Place You Look

This past weekend was very productive. We got a lot of spring cleaning done, I cleaned the back yard of all the winter dog poop, and we got lots and lots of laundry done. I also managed to lose my wedding ring.

I woke up this morning, got ready for work, fed the dog and was about to go out to the car with Tori when I realized I didn’t have my ring on. I went up to get it and saw it wasn’t where it usually was. I looked everywhere I could think of in the short time before I had to leave. I thought the worst and brought in the garbage from the curb so that IF I threw it out, it wouldn’t be gone for good. Although, if it was possibly in the 35 pounds of dog poop … yeah, it was time to get a new ring.

I went to work, naked finger on hand, and tried to think about where I might have lost it. I called Petsmart since I had taken the dog for a grooming. No luck there. I came home from work and started looking. I looked in the couches, I looked in the chairs, I looked in the bathrooms, kitchen, checked the disposal … everywhere I could. I went through all the laundry in our room, I looked in my nightstand drawers I tore the bed apart and even lifted the mattress off the frame … woe I need to dust under there … but I digress. I went out to my car, looked to see if maybe somehow it fell off when I was getting my tasty beverage from Sonic.

Just as I was getting ready to break open the first of the garbage bags … Tori started crying. I came in and changed her and then thought of something. I wanted to check the dryer. Maybe it came off while I was doing laundry. I went upstairs and looked in the dryer and lint trap (something I later found out Jackie did earlier). I checked the washing machine just for the heck of it. Jackie also did this earlier too. Nothing. I decided since I had the washer open, I would dry the rubber gasket. I didn’t do this last night as I was throwing clothes in the dryer before going to bed. I was tired.

Guess what I found in the gasket … yup … my ring. I stopped looking since that was the last place that I could look.


2 Responses to “It’s Always In The Last Place You Look”

  1. Dry the rubber gasket?! What does that mean?? Should I be doing that?

    Oh – and glad you found your ring! Is it too big or something?

    • Yeah, it is an high efficiency machine, front load and you are supposed to wipe it dry so it doesn’t get mildewy. My ring is a little big since I have lost about 45 -50 lbs since we got married. My fat fingers aren’t so fat anymore.

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