I Think We Are Hording

It was another rather productive cleaning day at the Richardson household today. We went through a lot of boxes, threw out enough things that I am worried it will be too heavy for them to pick up on Monday. We set aside 3 boxes of stuff to go to Good Will. We have a number of things that will be going into a garage sale somewhere at some time in the future. There will still a large number of things that “we” wanted to keep.

We kept things that we wrote in high school, the early years of college, and random other things that we decided that would be fun to keep. As we were doing this though, I thought to myself “WHY do I need to keep these? I didn’t write such good things then that I am going to make money off of them. I don’t think I will ever be famous enough that people will want them after I die. So that means, when I die, someone will just throw them out anyway. Why am I being so nostalgic now?

I say it is because I need to give myself a sense of accomplishment. Give myself the feeling that I did something. Have things to give to Tori in HS so she can just copy the work. I am pretty sure that none of the teachers I had will be still teaching when she is in high school.

Another good reason to keep this stuff is so that I can remind myself of what and who I was when I develop Alzheimer’s or some other disease that needs a memory reboot. I know that is kind of negative but it is a reason to keep stuff.
All of this  leads back to me being a hoarder. Hoarders make excuses like alcoholics. We find anywhere to keep things. We walk over piles, we pretend we don’t see the … wait a minute. I made the jump to “we” from “hoarders”. I have to go now. I have to head into the basement and start going through my newspaper stacks from 1984-95 and see if I can try to get rid of any of them.

Until next time, remember … “I find pack rats and hoarders fascinating. You know, they tend to be closet romantics.”


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