I Almost Made It

Getting this one in just under the wire.

a little more than a week of Lent left and I fell just a little bit. I haven’t drank, or is it drunk, any pop so far but, I had fast food last night. It was pretty much unavoidable. It was a VERY long day at work after a not so good night of sleep and I had work I had to do at home. I had wife stop on the way home and get something. I felt guilty about it, for about 10 seconds. I got a frosty instead of a coke and I still haven’t eaten meat on Fridays. I think that part is the best I have done ever. I usually forget and have an egg and sausage sandwich or something on Fridays.

Oh well, I am sure all will be good. Tori is also feeling a little better so hopefully she will sleep better tonight.


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